8 Weeks to Wellness

8 Weeks to Wellness - Create Lasting Change

This eight week long program is designed to help you incorporate healthy habits that will allow you to...

free yourself from food and diet fixation so that you never have to diet again - all by eating delicious and satisfying foods;

learn to keep your hunger and cravings at bay in a satisfactory and sustainable manner;

free yourself from gruesome workout routines and learn how you can get strong and fit with a very small weekly time commitment without a gym membership;

appreciate your body and feel more connected and empowered in this amazing vehicle of yours;

have more energy and improved focus in your daily life;

experience improved physical and mental wellbeing;

set yourself up to a future with less disease and more wellbeing;


reduce symptoms of a wide range of health issues


During these eight weeks we will work together to 1) find out which changes would make the biggest impact and be the most appropriate for you, and 2) implement these changes through weekly steps. 


The program is eight weeks long because that time frame has shown to be appropriate for a person to successfully implement new lifestyle changes and habits. Eight weeks will give you plenty of time to implement, adjust, and readjust the lifestyle changes that we find work best for you. 








What's Included:




This is nothing like the diet/health programs you have tried before. 

Typical dieting program:

Nike Wellness's Program:

Unfulfilling foods

frequent blood sugar swings

increased hunger & cravings

unstable energy & mood

guilt over poor food choices

obsession over calories

endless exhausting hours at the gym

feeling weak

feeling disconnected to your body

you eventually give up because it's too hard

Delicious foods that satisfy

stable blood sugar

reduced hunger & cravings

stabilized energy & mood

feeling good about food choices

no calorie restriction 

no gym membership needed

feeling empowered

feeling connected to your body

you stick to it because it's easy and feels good.  




Learn what changes need

to be made to improve your biochemistry and create lasting change and why.  

I will dedicate myself to guide you down the scary path of lifestyle change. I won't leave you hanging. 

I will teach you the art of self-accountability so you can graduate from my care and continue to thrive.


You will receive a meal plan and food list based on your unique body and circumstances,

along with other resources. 


One weekly coaching call, plus 24/7 (almost) text and email support.

Deprivation leads to failure

Most modern diets don't work, simply because they create an unhealthy metabolism that leaves us feeling unsatisfied and deprived. When our metabolism is compromised, hunger/cravings will run the show, leading us straight back to unhealthy food choices. It doesn't matter how "clean", organic or low-calorie the diet is if it doesn't contain the nutrients and building blocks that make for a healthy metabolism.

Many adhere to a rigorous exercise routine with the hopes that if they just burn enough calories, they will reach their body composition goals. Unfortunately, if your metabolism is out of whack, a rigorous exercise routine will only exacerbate the metabolic imbalance that leads to increased hunger, cravings, and fatigue. 


Work with your human biology, not against it
The food industry and our modern way of living has prevented us from living as healthy and vibrant human beings. In a very tiny portion of our history, technology advancements have exploded and our health has simultaneously taken a nosedive. We have completely lost touch with our biological ancestry and are now suffering from a massive chronic disease epidemic as a consequence. However, despite dramatic environmental changes, our genetics remain largely the same as those of our early ancestors. It's time to use our genetics to our benefit and reclaim the health that modern living has prevented. 

Join me on a journey to a healthier you - for now and for the future

I would like to invite you on a journey where you will learn how to unleash the health and vitality that your human body is capable of, all while still enjoying a modern lifestyle. In just eight weeks you will learn how  to implement [sustainable] eating habits and other wellness habits that are based on human biochemistry. These new habits will help repair your metabolism - the main key to weight-loss, weight maintenance, and overall health and wellness. It's about working with the body and using it's own biochemical workings for your best benefit. Expect to see your hunger, cravings, and energy dips diminish and be replaced with increased and steady energy, increased satiety, and an overall better functioning body.  

Stop dieting, start thriving - once and for all

I'ts my biggest wish and excitement to show you just how powerful your body is when you provide it with the tools it was genetically designed for. It's my biggest hope that this will be the last wellness program you will ever use. To make sure you graduate from my program I will guide you through it, step by step, week by week. I promise you that I will not leave you hanging. After you graduate, I will offer you assistance at a greatly reduced rate should you ever need it.    

Fully customized advice

The program I will create for you is customized for YOU and YOUR unique needs only. Your full current health status, health history, health goals, strengths and weaknesses, and life situation are all taken into consideration when I craft your personal plan. 

Money-back guarantee

My aim is to help you feel the best you can and provide you with the tools you need to remain feeling great in the future. If you for some reason didn't get what you expected, I will guarantee your satisfaction with my 100% money back guarantee. 



8 Week to Wellness is for you if:

You have spent years (or even decades) trying to eat healthy and exercise, but are unable to get where you want and stay there. 

Hunger and cravings are dictating your life, and you are tired of it. 


You feel disconnected to your body and are having a hard time knowing what it really wants and needs in order to be healthy.

You are done with unfulfilling and tiresome diets and exercise regimens.

You want to improve your health long-term and avoid illness in the future. 

I can also help with digestive issues

I have been dealing with gut issues for the past ten years and have therefore gathered a lot of knowledge and experience on this area. I have tried various diets, treatment protocols and supplements, read books, and listened to countless specialist podcasts and presentations on this topic - things that have helped me tremendously.

I'm especially experienced with IBS and SIBO, and the following therapeutic diets: AIP (autoimmune protocol), Low FODMAP diet, and the Carnivore diet. I will happily apply the knowledge I've acquired to help you ease gut related troubles. 


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