I was Tove’s first client, and am so thankful that I did this program! I am 5’6”, and started this program at approximately 170 pounds. Throughout my teenage years, I weighed about 120 pounds, so 170 is far too high for me. The gain happened over a few years, primarily due to depression and a very demanding academic schedule, as a college engineering student. That being said, my primary goal when completing this program was to lose weight, eventually losing the 50 pounds I have gained.

Tove’s approach seemed very difficult to get on board with at first, but any major lifestyle change will appear this way until you try it. By the end of the first week, I knew this lifestyle would be more than manageable, even as a busy student. Within a few weeks, I stopped having cravings for crunchy, salty processed

foods – this is a big deal for me! I used to really like having snacks between meals every day, but I don’t do this anymore. It’s not that I have the willpower not to, it’s that I simply don’t feel the need or desire to! At the end of the 8 weeks, I had lost a total of 22 pounds. 6 weeks later, I have now lost a total of 30 pounds.

I went into this program really just hoping to lose weight, but have received so many more benefits!! I have always been the person who does not sleep well; I used to wake up at least 3 times per night, every night. I also felt I needed 9-10 hours of sleep to function at all, but now I feel great with 8 hours of sleep. As someone who has struggled with depression for several years, it was also easy for me to notice the improvement and stabilization of my moods throughout, and after finishing, this program. The number one change I can see in myself, emotionally, is that I feel so much more confident in who I am and loving myself. After all, it is pretty to love yourself when you take great care of yourself.

After being nervous that I would not have the time or willpower to stick with Tove’s program, I can say I was severely mistaken. Tove is a coach who listens to how much time you can give, and how much time you want to give. She helps you find the balance between the two, so you do not feel like you are sacrificing anything to get the results you desire. Tove is kind, encouraging, supportive, and realistic with you on the journey, and sticks with you every step of the way!

Ultimately, this started as an 8-week program, but turned into a lifestyle change for me. I will be sticking with Tove’s teachings even after I have reached my goal weight. It’s so manageable, and feels great, so of course I will continue!! Some changes are to be made when I reach that point, so I maintain my weight instead of lose, but Tove has taught me so much that I am confident in my abilities to make those changes! Tove taught me so much in 8 weeks that I feel confident this lifestyle change will be permanent and easy to maintain. I am forever thankful!!

"I will be sticking with Tove’s teachings even after I have reached my goal weight. It’s so manageable, and feels great, so of course I will continue!"

Before & after 8 weeks

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