I have a big passion for nature and all its wonders. It has so much to give us, and so much to teach us. Nature has taught us that when a species is exposed to the right conditions, it thrives. The same goes for the human species; when our needs are met, we thrive
Our modern way of living has disconnected us from nature and the conditions that promote health. Today, we are exposed us to conditions that our genetic blueprint can't recognize. The result? We are witnessing a massive epidemic of chronic illness that is plaguing a large part of the world's population. Modern life for many is not about about thriving, but merely about surviving.  


 "Is my body broken?" 
In my late teens my health started going downhill, despite eating according to the recommended dietary guidelines, being a very active swimmer, and otherwise living like the typical responsible young adult. My gut was a mess, my face and back covered with acne, and fatigue and headaches were an almost daily occurrence. I felt like my body was broken. After receiving no clues from conventional medicine I realized that I had to find help by myself. I dove into the research and embarked on a journey that opened my eyes wider than ever before. 
 A journey of healing and re-learning 
I learned that certain conditions under which I had been living my life were not ideal for humans, so I began changing those conditions, bit by bit, starting with diet. I watched my body come back to life only days after adapting a diet very different from anything I previously knew. I realized that much of what I had been told about diet and health was wrong, and that food does so much more than provide energy; it also has an enormous impact on our ability to heal and thrive. What truly matters is what we eat, not how much we eat. 
 I helped myself. Now I want to help others. 
Throughout the years of healing, learning, and researching, my heart became increasingly aware of the many millions of people who are continuously failed by their own bodies, thinking they are broken and destined to endless failing. I knew I wanted to share my discoveries with others so they can feel better too.
I enrolled in health coach school through Primal Health Coach Institute to get the nutrition, physiology, and coaching science education and the credential needed to start my own business from where I could start helping other people with everything I learned from my healing journey. Through coaching school I learned how to best nurture people along the scary path to massive lifestyle change.
 I'm confident in my knowledge and my approach 
I have created an 8-week long program to help others regain their wellbeing. My approach is a little off the beaten path as it involves advice that you likely haven't tried before. I'm confident about it - because of the experience and knowledge I've acquired, and because of the growing body of scientific and anecdotal evidence to show it's efficacy. There is no doubt in my mind that I can help you create extraordinary changes in 8 weeks. With my multifaceted approach, I will help regulate your metabolism which controls your appetite, cravings, energy, waistline, mood, and literally every hormone in your body. 
It's my mission to help people create a life where they can thrive and achieve an effortless relationship with food, exercise and health, once and for all. 
 More about me 
I grew up in Sweden in a large family on the countryside, and moved to the west coast of the USA I my early twenties to live with my (now) husband. When I'm not researching health or helping others, I manage two vacation rental properties with my husband and I am also an artist and photographer. Other things I enjoy include exploring the outdoors, listening to music, engaging in self-care practices, work in the garden, and cook healthy delicious meals. 




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