"Let me help you regain your health & vitality"
Tove Koch, Certified Primal Health Coach
at Nike Wellness
Create the Health You Desire

Have you have made a countless number of attempts to eat better and improve your health throughout your life?

Despite trying various diets and fitness programs, are you constantly hungry with cravings that always end up winning against your willpower? Have you gotten close to your goal and manage to keep the success for some time, but the results never stick for the long-term? 


Does your body feel unsatisfied within hours after eating regardless of your diet? Does it feel like the more you exercise, the more calories you need consume to satisfy your body? Do you think you just need more willpower to succeed?  

You do not need more willpower. It may simply be that your body and metabolism are not in harmony due to modern foods, daily stresses and misguided exercise routines.



Join me on an 8 week long adventure where I'll guide you to achieving food freedom and wellbeing through delicious and satisfying foods and wellness habits that you can comfortably stick to for the rest of your life.


Ditch the modern diet and fitness dogma.

Become the master of your body and your wellbeing.



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Nike happens to be my middle name, and it's also the name of the Goddess of Victory in Greek Mythology. One of my goals for each client is to help them see each little win as a victory and enjoy it. Because, if we make it a habit to celebrate each little win, we are going to enjoy the journey A WHOLE LOT more. Because, truth be told, life is not about the end goal, it's all about the journey towards the goal. Among other healthy habits, the habit of appreciation will bring you much joy and will help you in the big picture -- in all areas of life. 



Free yourself from

food & exercise fixation,

once and for all. 


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