Regain your health & vitality through enjoyable habits
Create the Health You Desire

Have you made a countless number of attempts to improve your health and wellbeing but never get where you want?

   Do hunger and cravings constantly win against your willpower?

Do you keep going to the doctor but always end up with "quick fixes" rather than solutions?

Do you feel tired and like your body is broken? 


 Listen up: Your willpower is NOT the problem and your body is not NOT broken. 

The core problem is quite likely that your body is having a hard time functioning correctly due to foods that don't align with your human genetics, misguided exercise routines, and various stressors. A body with a malfunctioning system can't be fit and healthy, no matter the amount of willpower, medications or supplements, or hours you spend at the gym.  

 I can help you get more ease and less dis-ease 


Join me on an 8 week long program where I'll help you improve health and wellbeing in a satisfying and achievable manner -- by eating, moving, and living in ways that create health-promoting genetic expressions but don't add any additional stress to your life.

Ditch the harmful modern diet and fitness dogma for good. Learn how to honor your human genetics and the unique amazing being that you are and be healthy in a feel-good, low-stress manner. 

 Let's work together - for a happier and healthier you 

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Nike happens to be my middle name, and it's also the name of the Goddess of Victory in Greek Mythology. One of my goals for each client is to help them create the habit of finding things to feel good about and bask in those positive feelings as much as possible. Because, each journey to a goal is comprised of a million moments of thinking and feeling. What distinguishes Nike from unsuccessful women is that she had the habit of recognizing many small victories and positives throughout her journey, and to not get stuck in a negative mindset should she have a setback. She choose more positive thoughts than negative ones, because she knew that positive thoughts attract positive experiences, just as negative thoughts attract negative experiences. If you have a mindset like Nike's throughout your journey to your goals, and you will be a true Goddess of Victory.   



Free yourself from

food & exercise fixation,

once and for all. 


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